Patrick Beverley Calls Out Media For Showing LeBron Highlights After Loss

Patrick Beverley Calls Out Media For Showing LeBron Highlights After Loss
Thu 24th October 2019

The L.A. Clippers beat the fancied Lakers on Tuesday night to start the NBA season, but just chalking up a W wasn’t enough for point guard Patrick Beverley.

Per Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, the renowned defender was not happy at all about the media’s treatment of his team in comparison to LeBron James.

“In the locker room, Beverley — who had 10 boards and six assists while often tasked with defending James — addressed the media at his locker stall, and when it ended, he still wasn’t done,” Haynes wrote.

“The defensive specialist sat by himself and spoke out loud about how TV programs routinely show highlights of James in defeats, without discussing in depth the opponent that beat him. He challenged the media to report the facts instead of showing crossover highlights of one of the game’s best.”

Here’s the thing; he may have a point.

The Clippers were brilliant to start the year, and a large part of their victory was built on the back of Beverley’s tenacious defense on LeBron, who was held to just 18 points in the loss.

The dominant narrative – at least while the game was unfolding – was the brilliance of LeBron. 

Unfortunately for Beverley, defense isn’t what people want to see.

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