NBA Polls Players About Return to Play

NBA Polls Players About Return to Play
Wed 13th May 2020

The National Basketball Players Association started polling its membership Tuesday about how individuals stand on a return to play this season, sources told ESPN.

NBPA regional representatives — including Tim McCormick and Frank Brickowski — were among the union officials polling players with a yes or no question on their current desire to return to play this season amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources.

Those officials told players that their individual responses and identities would be kept confidential within the NBPA, sources said.

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts, executive committee members including president Chris Paul, and rank-and-file players held a conference call Friday that included commissioner Adam Silver answering questions on a number of topics related to resuming play this season, including issues of health, finances and competitive structure, sources said.

Silver told players that no decision needed to be made in the month of May, and that a one- or two-site setup for teams was among the most likely of scenarios — possibly in Orlando or Las Vegas, according to audio of the call reviewed by ESPN.

The union and NBA agreed on a deal that would begin with Friday’s bimonthly paychecks to withhold 25% of player salaries in the event games are formally canceled under the league’s Force Majeure provision in the collective bargaining agreement.

The NBA suspended play on March 11.


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