NBA players think Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook are the most overrated players in NBA

Tue 9th April 2019

NBA players have spoken and they can’t decide on just one most overrated player. In a poll taken by The Athletic, NBA players chose both Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook as the most overrated players in the sport.

Both Green and Westbrook tied with 17 percent of the vote. While that doesn’t seem like a huge amount, it was pretty significant. The three players who tied for second — Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins — got 6.3 percent of the vote.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that two of the most divisive players in the NBA shared the honor as the most overrated player in the league. Green has been suspended for altercations with his teammates, frustrated his coach and hit opposing players in sensitive areas. Even if NBA players don’t actually think he’s the most overrated player in the game, it’s easy to cast a vote for him considering those issues.

Westbrook has also had his run ins with opposing players. He also receives blame — whether accurate or not — for Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s also displayed a standoffish delivery with the media. It’s possible all of that makes him an easy target for votes as well.

From a numbers standpoint, both players are still capable of producing strong stats. The 30-year-old Westbrook has averaged 23 points, 11 rebounds and 10.7 assists this season. Green, 29, has seen his scoring drop to 7.5 points per game, but he is still considered a strong defender.

If there is a silver lining for both players, only 47 players voted on the most overrated player. The most underrated player vote had 116 participants. Jrue Holiday led the way with 16.3 percent of that vote.

Though it wasn’t a large sample, winning most overrated player could be a good thing for both Green and Westbrook. They tend to respond well when people criticize their game.

Source: YahooSports

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