NBA Daily Review Wednesday 6 March

NBA Daily Review Wednesday 6 March
Fri 15th March 2019

A crazy set of NBA games we had yesterday with a majority of them being upsets! The Trailblazers and Thunder fall down to the 4th and 5th seed respectively after a massive upset win from the Rockets. The Rockets were 14th in the Western Conference not too long ago and their sky rocket to the top along with Harden’s performance has been nothing but amazing.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder fans came into the game with a lot of hope after receiving the news that Paul George will be starting this game. They’ve lost 4 out of their last 5 games and need to pick up wins badly to get them better playoff seeding and secure their homecourt against their 1st round opponents.
The Timberwolves had other things in mind though with the recent god-like performances by Karl Anthony Towns, averaging 36.4 points a game in the last 5 games!
He’s been playing like a man possessed after his extremely scary car accident that could of killed him on February 21st.
Last night he went into the paint with no fear going against big man Steven Adams. Paul George seemed to still be rusty after some time out as he could not get his usual shots falling. He ended the game with 25 points but going an inefficient 8-25 from the field and 4-14 from down town.
Timberwolves fans can thank Josh Okogie for his outstanding defense played, the rookie has shown he’s got what it takes to be a start for a playoff team and looks to be a steal after being picked 20th.
Westbrook tried to keep the Thunder in the game late in 4th quarter, but the lack of scoring from others didn’t help him with the rest of the Wolves starters scoring in double digits (Saric 10 Points, Wiggins 18, Teague 16).
Timberwolves win 131 – 120
Top Scorer: Karl Anthony Towns – 41 Points
Top Assists: Jeff Teague – 12 Assists
Top Rebounds: Russell Westbrook – 13 Rebounds.

Boston Celtics Vs Golden State Warriors

The Boston Celtics has been nothing but a train wreck this season with all the Kyrie drama and their disappointing losses after the high expectations was placed on them when their rookie team reached the Eastern Conference Finals last season. Their finals hopes seems to have been eclipsed by the likes of the new look 76ers team and Toronto Raptors. Last night though, Gordon Hayward and the rest of the Boston Celtics reminded everyone to not count them out yet.
What was touted to be an easy home win for the Golden State Warriors with the news that Klay Thompson was back was the complete opposite. The Celtics put their foot on the gas early with a 25 point lead at the half. Yes that’s right, the defending NBA champs are down 25 at their home court.
Gordon Hayward looked like the player he was back with the Utah Jazz as he scored with ease from inside and outside the paint. He finished the game with a season high 30 points and had a plus/minus box score of +32. The warriors on the other hand could not get shots falling, going 8-35 from the three point range. It was rare to see, but on one possession the warriors missed three consecutive three point chances in a row with no one guarding the player.
Is this a wake up call for the Celtics? Can they continue their great run leading into the playoffs? Only time will tell, but for tonight the world is flat and all of Boston can cheer after the smack down they gave the defending champs.
Celtics Win 128 – 95
Top Scorer: Gordon Hayward – 30 Points
Top Assists: Kyrie Irving – 11 Assists
Top Rebounds: DeMarcus Cousins – 9 Rebounds

Toronto Raptors vs Houston Rockets

Wow, what a game. The battle between Kawhi Leonard and James Harden that was touted was everything that was promised and more. It was a sit on the edge of your seat kind of game if you were a fan of either with so much pride and playoff seeding to play for.
The Rockets set the tone early and came into Canada shooting lights out, amassing an 18 point lead in the half. The Rockets were pounding it in the paint repeatedly and there was nothing the Raptors could do. It was an offensive master class set by Mike D’Antoni while rookie head coach Nick Nurse could not adjust his defense accordingly and in time to stop the bleeding.
Things looked to be changing in the 3rd quarter as the Raptors came in surging with scoring coming from both Kawhi and Pascal Siakam to keep the raptors in it. The Rockets, who live and die by the three just kept shooting and shooting, but the basketball gods did not favor them as they go 1 – 8 for the quarter. The Raptors amazingly went into the 4th quarter with a 2 point lead after being 18 points down.
Despite their misses, the Rockets decided they’d try the same tactic in the 4th quarter and as they usually do, get hot in the right time to close the game out. They finished the quarter going 7 – 8 from down town as they just ran the Raptors out the building finishing the quarter 38 – 24 and taking them to the 3rd seed.
Daryl Morey has done wonders for this team with his mid season pick ups with additions like Austin Rivers and undrafted rookie Gary Clark. Their deep squad made the difference tonight with Austin Rivers scoring 13 and Gerald Green scoring 18, while the likes of Jeremy Lin and Marc Gasol (the Raptors mid-season pick ups) combining for 10 points.
Rockets Win 107 – 95
Top Scorer: James Harden – 35 Points
Top Assists: Chris Paul – 10 Assists.
Top Rebounds: TIED, Clint Capela & Serge Ibaka – 15 Rebounds.





Player of The Night: Gordon Hayward, 30 Points, 7 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals.


Player of The Night: Gordon Hayward, 30 Points, 7 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals.
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