NBA Daily Review Tuesday 2 April

NBA Daily Review Tuesday 2 April
Thu 4th April 2019

Unfortunately for the big game hunters, all the favorites won today as expected. The Warriors have basically secured the 1st seed with their massive win against the Nuggets while the Oklahoma City Thunder breathed some new life into them with a massive game by Russell Westbrook!

All that and more, have got you covered with the 3 biggest games that unraveled last night and our key take away from them!

Los Angeles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder came into the game with a 2-game losing streak and just lost to the Mavericks bench mob at home, things were looking quite dark for them. This was a must win game as they fight for the 7th seed against the Spurs to ensure that they don’t face the Warriors in the first round.

The game pretty much went according to the Thunder game plan all night they started off strong and kept continuing strong. Javale McGee could not center the paint for the Lakers as they repeatedly abused him with drives to the paint. Kentavius Caldwell Pope shot great to keep the Lakers from being embarrassed going 9-16 with 23 points but it just wasn’t enough with no contributions from the other guys.

This was Russell Westbrook’s night though, posting the SECOND EVER in NBA HISTORY stat record of 20-20-20. That’s right, 20 points, 20 rebounds and 20 assists, simply amazing. It was a little nod to Nipsey Hussle, who passed away 2 nights ago from a horrible shooting and the infamous gang he was associated with The Hussle Rollin 60’s (20+20+20=?). Everyone played great though from the Thunder starting 5, let’s see if they can keep this up for the next couple of games and into the playoffs.

Thunder Win 119 – 103

Top Scorer: Kentavious-Caldwell Pope – 23 Points

Top Assists: Russell Westbrook – 21 Assists

Top Rebounds: Russell Westbrook – 20 Rebounds

San Antonio Spurs vs Atlanta Hawks

The Spurs also tied up with the 7th – 8th seed battle with the Thunder sneaked out a win against the Atlanta Hawks at home. Alex Len, the hawks big man continued his stellar play and basically ran Aldridge out of the building with his stellar play, limiting the points scored by the Spurs big man.

It was DeMar’s time though, he posted a near triple double (getting 7 rebounds and 7 assists) getting his team going through his relentless drive that rewarded him with 16 free throws. The Hawks bench gave it their all though with Kent Bazemore posting 26 points in just 24 minutes! Unfortunately for Trae he couldn’t get it going from a shooting stand point and the Hawks just lacked the fire power to finish the game while the Spurs just ran away with it. Shout out to Derrick White scoring 23 points while guarding him.

Spurs Win 117 – 111

Top Scorer: DeMar Derozan –  29 Points

Top Assists: DeMar Derozan –  7 Assists

Top Rebounds: TIED – Rudy Gay & Lamarcus Aldridge – 11 Rebounds

Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets

Them Golden State Boys made a massive statement last night! The final score flatters the Nuggets but the Warriors essentially demolished them all night. As we stated before the game Jokic had to get at least 20 points and 5 assists and he was nowhere near those numbers! DeMarcus Cousins banged him up all game and Jokic doesn’t have the muscle to go toe to toe with him effectively limiting him.

There wasn’t much need for the other 3 shooting superstars in the Warriors to get on the board as much with both Curry and Thompson scoring under 20 and Durant scoring 21. The mismatch was clear, both Durant, Curry and Cousins ran endless pick and rolls to isolate Jokic with Boogie and cousins feasted on him, going 12 – 17 with 28 points. Murray and Barton had to find their own shots and it wasn’t going down for them. The Nuggets shots 23% from three-point land. The Bench mob at the end had a nice run to bring the game within 15, but it was only for pride at that point.

Warriors Win 116 – 102

Top Scorer: DeMarcus Cousins – 28 Points

Top Assists: Draymond Green – 9 Assists

Top Rebounds: DeMarcus Cousins – 13 Rebounds

Other Games

Houston Rockets defeat the Sacramento Kings 130 -1 05

Top Scorers: James Harden 36 Points, Buddy Hield 20 Points


Player of the Night: Russell Westbrook

Best Team Performance: Golden State Warriors

Most Disappointing Team Performance: Denver Nuggets

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