NBA Daily Review Thursday 4 April

NBA Daily Review Thursday 4 April
Thu 4th April 2019

The Bucks take down the Sixers at home in a game full of drama, The Lakers continue losing and the Kings outlasted the Cavs in a match that didn’t really mean much.

All that and more, have broken down the three games that was played last night!

Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers

What. A. Game! We expected both teams would go easy right before the playoffs but both teams wanted to make a statement on who’s the ‘King’ of the East and this was a show down to the very end.

The Drama started in the first quarter, Embiid and Bledsoe was extremely chipping the first couple of minutes and was tussling down low for the rebound. Bledsoe who seemed to be helpless and frustrated pushed Embiid, Embiid the troll-master as usual handed him the ball (a point was already scored) as a sign of pity.This was when all hell broke loose, Bledsoe threw the ball right at Embiid’s chest, at full force and you audibly hear the thump of Embiid’s chest through the hoop microphone set up.

Joel and Bledsoe went up to each other and as they always do in the NBA had a Hoooollld me back moment!

The bucks still did it without Bledsoe all through the god-like performance of our MVP, Giannis.

He had 5, that’s right 5 demoralizing blocks with a massive one against Embiid who put so much force in the dunk (it really looked like he was going to get it), that he fell smack down on the floor.

Ben Simmons was just way too passive in this game only shooting 5 shots in total, despite Embiid’s great triple double the Sixers just looked outmatched by the Bucks who was missing their starting point guard. 

Bucks Win 128 – 122

Top Scorer: Giannis Antetonkoumpo – 45 Points

Top Assists: TIED – Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons – 13 Assists

Top Rebounds: TIED – Giannis Antetokoumpo & Joel Embiid – 13 Rebounds

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Sacramento Kings

This was a fun back and forth match-up between two young cores and unfortunately for young Colin Sexton, De’Aron Fox got the better of him tonight. He was dishing and diming all night with Bogdanovic and Hield making their three pointers. It would have been fun for this Kings team to play in the playoffs but unfortunately its too late, they play hard every night which a great thing is to see for a young team.

The key stat of the game here is turnovers, Steve Kerr cites that the Warriors lose every time they get more than 15 turnovers in a game and the Cleveland Cavaliers had 20 turnovers last night! Compared to the Kings 6, Sexton needs to be a better handler and run some more plays for the team. It would be encouraging to see him get moved to the shooting guard position and the Cavs look for another young point guard as Sexton doesn’t have the skill set to run the point.

Kings Win 117 – 104

Top Scorer: Buddy Hield – 23 Points

Top Assists: De’Aaron Fox – 10 Assists

Top Rebounds: Larry Nance Jr – 16 Rebounds

Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers

The warriors are rolling, this was reminiscent of the old Warriors that locked teams down on the defensive end in such a suffocating manner and then raining down threes on the other end to kill off their hopes. While it’s the Lakers this time, they did the same thing to the Nuggets and they seem to be more than prepared for the playoffs.

The team fed the ball a lot to Cousins as we expected who was banging down low to McGee, who was helpless to stop him (ended the game in a -28 in the plus/minus box score). There wasn’t really much they could do (The Lakers) with Kuzma out as well. Jonathan Williams looked good off the bench, getting a double double with 13 boards and 17 points. Stephen Curry who credits his hot shooting to his new contact lenses shot fairly bad last night going 3 – 14 , 1 – 9 from three. There’s still too much firepower for the Warriors team though for them to lose to a tanking lakers.

Warriors Win 108 – 90

Top Scorer: DeMarcus Cousins – 21 Points

Top Assists: Kevin Durant – 8 Assists

Top Rebounds: Jonathan Williams – 13 Rebounds


Player of the night: Giannis Antetokoumpo

Best Team Performance: Milwaukee Bucks

Most Dissapointing Team: Performance: Philadelphia 76ers

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