NBA Daily Review Sunday 31 March

NBA Daily Review Sunday 31 March
Wed 10th April 2019

What a day of NBA action we had yesterday!

Atlanta wins the over time thriller in Milwaukee with a Trae Young buzzer beater for the books, Oklahoma City continues their melt down with the Mavericks stealing a win away from home while the Nuggets also lost to an underwhelming Nuggets team.

All that and more, have got you covered on 4 of the biggest games that was played yesterday!

Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks

Our game of the night, a shoot out that was fun to watch! While the Bucks were missing their key players in Middleton, Bledsoe and Antetokoumpo, their bench mob stepped up big time with almost all of their 8 players scoring in double digits (with the exception of Ilyasova). The Hawks big men came up big time though as they provided some essential scoring early on which Trae couldn’t provide.

It was a meaningless game for both teams with the Bucks all but securing the 1st seed and the Hawks guaranteed out of the playoffs. It’s great to see young Sterling Brown of the Bucks putting up some big numbers though, being a 2nd round draft pick in 2017.

It seems like he’ll be a key piece on the bench for the Bucks playoff run and future. Alex Len also played some great minutes and looks to be a future piece for the Hawks, drafted by the Suns in 2013, he’s never reached his full potential but his three to send the game to over-time and 23 points helped them out big time! Unfortunately for the Bucks, Trae who’s having his moment right now shot the three at the buzzer to close the game out in over time.

Hawks Win 136 – 135

Top Scorer: Sterling Brown – 27 Points

Top Assists: Trae Young – 16 Assists

Top Rebounds: Bonzie Colson – 16 Rebounds

Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The thunder seems to be losing It as they’re getting closer to the playoffs and it’s not a great look. They had no business losing this game and it’ll be interesting to see whether they can pick it back up in their next game against the Lakers.

The usual problem for the Thunder arises where the team just relies too heavily on PG and Westbrook to dominate the game for them to win. The bench was just a big minus and Terrance Ferguson was a massive defensive liability in the starting line-up. The Mavericks played without Luka but played great team ball and that allowed Trey Burke to score 25 points off the bench! The game was close, but Powell got an easy dunk late that gave the Mavericks the lead for the win.

Mavericks Win 106 – 103

Top Scorer: Paul George – 27 Points

Top Assists: Russell Westbrook – 11 Assists

Top Rebounds: Steven Adams -15 Rebounds

Sacramento Kings vs San Antonio Spurs

Another upset in Texas! The Kings have been known to be giant killers but with them statistically out of the playoff race and how great the Spurs have been playing at home recently, it was a shock to see the Kings pull off a win in San Antonio!

It was a tight affair all game and the scoring came from everywhere form the Kings inside and outside. Buddy Hield shot 4 from 6 from three-point land and got to the line repetitively. For The Spurs it was Lamarcus carrying the heavy load as he was unstoppable from the mid-range like he usually is. Unfortunately for the Spurs, both their star player in DeRozan and Alridge aren’t great three point shooters and the bench mob of Mills and Bellineli couldn’t get going either. This game was lost at the three-point line where the Kings were able to shoot an efficient team 44% going 11 – 25 from deep.

The spurs rallied late to keep the game close but the Kings were able to score some points back to hold them off and win the game.

Kings Win 113 – 106

Top Scorer: LaMarcus Aldridge – 27 Points

Top Assists: DeMar Derozan – 7 Assists

Top Rebounds: LaMarcus Aldridge – 18 Rebounds

Denver Nuggets vs Washington Wizards

What the hell happened yesterday! The Nuggets, the 2nd seeded team in the West lost at home against a struggling Wizards team. Troy Brown Jr led the wizards to an unlikely win in one of the hardest arenas to win in. That sentence is something you probably would of thought of saying before the game, you probably don’t even know who Brown Jr is! We don’t blame you either, he’s the Wizards rookie this year, averaging 4.4 points for the season.

The game got ugly late, Jokic was ejected for arguing a call and seems to be another case of the refs trying to get on the highlight reel for the game. He was the driving force for the Nuggets scoring 23 points and 14 rebounds before he got ejected. Unfortunately for Denver as soon as he was ejected the Wizards went on a 22 – 10 run that got them the lead through to the final buzzer. Thomas Bryant came in clutch with a double double and Troy Brown Jr was making everything he shot finishing the game with 24 points.

Wizards Win 95 – 90

Top Scorer: Thomas Brown Jr – 24 Poitns

Top Assists: Bradley Beal – 6 Assists

Top Rebounds: Paul Millsap – 16 Rebounds

Other Games

Los Angeles Lakers defeat the New Orleans Pelicans 130 – 102

Top Scorer: Rajon Rondo 24 Points, Julius Randle 17 Points

Golden State Warriors defeat the Charlotte Hornets 137 – 90

Top Scorer: Stephen Curry 25 Points, Willie Hernangomez 22 Points

Los Angeles Clippers defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 113 – 96

Top Scorer: Danilo Gallinari 27 Points, Delon Wright 20 Points


Player of the Night: Alex Len

Best Team Performance: Golden State Warriors

Most Disappointing Team Performance: Oklahoma City Thunder

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