Injuries Might Be The Final Curtain on the Warriors Historic Run

Injuries Might Be The Final Curtain on the Warriors Historic Run
Thu 6th June 2019

Stephen Curry looks like he’s finally run out of gas as the clock winded down in the final minutes of Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Battling through every screen and diving for every loose ball, you can see it on his downtrodden baby faced that for him this three-peat means everything.

The Warriors are down by 10 with 2 minutes to go and for anybody but the warriors this might be an insurmountable lead. Kawhi has the ball in his hands with McKinnie facing him to defend, Curry runs towards Kawhi for the double team with 2 seconds on the shot clock.

Kawhi passes it to an open Van Vleet with the shot clock dying down to 1.5.

Van Vleet nails the rainbow three effectively sealing the Warriors hopes in mounting the come-back in Game 3.

The Warriors will need to win 3 of a possible 4 games left in the series, and for such a historic run, late injuries to star Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson might be the end of this historic run with the Warriors lacking badly in firepower to keep up with the Toronto Raptors.

The Warriors were able to keep the Raptors scoreless for 4.30 minutes in the 2nd quarter and failed to take advantage, it repeated itself late in the 3rd quarter as except for Curry no real scoring threat exists with Iguodala and the rest of the Warriors bench missing three after three.

One thing a lot of fans fail to keep in mind is that in winning the NBA Championship, lady luck often has to be on your side. 

Especially when it comes to injuries.

For the Golden State Warriors, they’ve been extremely lucky to have their starting 5 relatively healthy in the past 5 years, but it seems all these long runs into June are slowly starting to impact the Warriors team. 

Despite their motto with Strength in Numbers, the 2018 Warriors does not have the same depth it once had when they didn’t have Durant. Iguodala and Livingston is a lot more older and key scoring bench veterans like David West, Marreese Speights are no longer playing in the NBA. 

While many Warriors fan argued that if Bogut wasn’t injured in the final games of the NBA Finals 2016 where the Cavs pulled 3 straight to win from behind then they would of already completed their three-peat, many others argued against it, mostly pointing to the disappointing performances of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. A missed chance to both seal the three-peat and their historic 73-9 NBA regular season. A moment in time that hasn’t been forgotten by Curry nor the NBA world either with the endless 3 – 1 memes.

This year though, the Injury bug has hit them well and truly after Klay Thompson suffered a hamstring injury late in Game 2. Unless one of Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson comes back for the remaining Game 4, 5 and more, Stephen Curry does not have enough to lift his team to the coveted three-peat he’s been longing for. 

Written and produced for by Evan Elphanus

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