How does the birthday boy, Jayson Tatum, stack up against fellow 21-year-old NBA talent?

How does the birthday boy, Jayson Tatum, stack up against fellow 21-year-old NBA talent?
Tue 5th March 2019

Jayson Tatum celebrates his 21st birthday today, doing what he loves to do above all else – playing basketball. 

Tatum has shown a maturity on the floor that you seldom see with a young player on a team with the kind of talent that the Celtics have from top to bottom on their roster.

And while his role isn’t nearly as open-ended on the Celtics as some other young NBA players, there’s little question that Tatum has shown the ability to be a high-impact player in this league. 

But how does he stack up against other 21-year-old NBA players?

Pretty. Darn. Good. 

Here’s a look at how Tatum ranks in comparison to his fellow 21-year-old NBA players this season, despite them playing for teams that have enjoyed significantly less success than Tatum has with Boston. 


Lauri Markkanen, Chicago     19.7

John Collins, Atlanta        19.5

Brandon Ingram, LALakers    18.3

De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento    17.2

Jayson Tatum, Boston    16.3


John Collins, Atlanta        9.5

Lauri Markkanen, Chicago    9.3

Bam Adebayo, Miami        6.7

Jayson Tatum, Boston     6.3


Brandon Ingram, LALakers    .497

De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento    .458

Jayson Tatum, Boston     .456


Lauri Markkanen, Chicago    6.6

Lonzo Ball, LALakers        4.9

Landry Shamet, LAClippers    4.7

Malik Monk, Charlotte        4.2

Jayson Tatum, Boston     4.1


Lauri Markkanen, Chicago     .379

Jayson Tatum, Boston     .371


De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento    1.7

Lonzo Ball, LALakers        1.5

Dennis Smith Jr., NYKnicks    1.3

Jayson Tatum, Boston     1.1    


Brandon Ingram, LALakers    33.9

Lauri Markkanen, Chicago    33.3

De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento    31.6

Jayson Tatum, Boston     30.8

Source: Yahoo Sports

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