3 Key Things the Toronto Raptors & Philadelphia 76ers Must Do To Beat the Other & Win the Series

Mon 6th May 2019

Raptors big-man, we know we’ve somewhat flipped a point from the Raptors key
points to win but this matchup plays such a large factor for either  teams to win.

For the Sixers, their star player this series so far has
been Jimmy Butler. He’s averaging 22.75 points for this series and if one or
two other Sixers are able to score the extra points the team desperately needs
then the Sixers win, and they should win big.

Both Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons are extremely hot and
cold in the offensive end and the recent knack that J.J. Reddick received in
Game 3 means that it’s up to the Process himself to bring his team to the Promised

If Embiid averages 20+ points in the next 3 games, we
guarantee that the Sixers will win the series.

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