SportsTips’ MLB Picks Analysis: June

SportsTips’ MLB Picks Analysis: June
Fri 2nd July 2021

Introducing our MLB Picks Analysis for June, where we break down the stats behind our picks. We aren’t like any picks and predictions website, we want to be held accountable by our followers. This allows you to see how we went throughout the month and also gives you the confidence to bet with SportsTips. 

Making this report public ensures we stay at the top of our game and allows you to see that you are working with the best. So let’s dive in and see how we went. 

Firstly, for those that aren’t aware, we offer both free and Premium Picks for all the sports you care about, every day. For the MLB, we offer a free moneyline pick for the best games every day, and then restrict spread and total score selections to our premium service. 

MLB Regular Season Breakdown For June:

When looking at our daily free moneyline picks, our tipsters hit just shy of 60% of our selections throughout the month. This means that we are sending out three free MLB winners per day! Unfortunately due to the shortness of some odds, our free moneyline selections ran at a -$454.94 loss for a $100 bettor. But have no fear, our tipsters made that money back for our Premium Picks members! 

For those that were fortunate enough to be signed up to our Premium Picks, which include spread and total score selections, you would have received 126 winners from our 225 total selections, coupled with a tidy $1418.30 profit. 

We hit 66 of our spread picks in June, which is good for a 58.4% winning percentage and a $578.48 profit. However, the total score market was where we reaped most of our success last month, hitting 53.58% of our selections for a $839.82 profit. 

If you like the sound of that $1418.30 profit, just click here to access our Premium Picks service!

June Regular SeasonRECORDSTRIKE RATEPROFIT ($100 bettor)
Spread Picks66-470.584$578.48
Total Score Picks60-48-40.534839.82
Sum –  Premium Picks126-95-40.560$1418.3
FREE Moneyline Picks86-580.597-$454.59
Overall Total216-166-40.559$963.71

A big KPI for us is getting all three picks for a single game correct. That is correctly predicting the moneyline, spread and total score markets for each individual game that we analyse. 

Throughout the month of June, we correctly selected all three markets for 25 games! Think of all of the extra profit you could have made if you put those in a same game parlay!

Overall, we had a very successful start to the summer and brought in a lot of profit for our followers. If, like many, you had access to both our free and premium picks, you had the opportunity to bring in $963.71 profit from 144 games of MLB action, increasing our return on the previous month by $337.80. If a $100 stake plan is out of your depth, a $10 bettor would still have profited $96.37 across the month.

If you need more news, information and predictions, head over to our MLB hub page for all your baseball needs.

*Odds and spreads correct at time of publication, courtesy of FanDuel

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