Free MLB Picks Today for Saturday, September 4th, 2021

Free MLB Picks Today for Saturday, September 4th, 2021
Sat 4th September 2021

Our free MLB Picks are out for Saturday, September 4th, 2021! Make sure you check our MLB Picks before the action kicks off.

Look below to find our free MLB Picks for the five best games on today’s schedule!

Oakland Athletics @ Toronto Blue Jays – 3.07PM ET

This Saturday night clash between the Oakland Athletics and the Toronto Blue Jays will be the second game in a three game series. In the first game it was the Blue Jays that proved too good for the Athletics, winning 11-10. Will the Athletics be able to bounce back and level the series one game a piece? Only time will tell!

Tim Newton

The Blue Jays survived a thriller, scoring nine runs across the last two innings to steal the win back from Oakland. However, I think the A’s will bounce back tonight. Toronto has Jose Berrios who has given up 14 runs across his last four games, including a four run, nine hit performance in just three innings of work in his last home game.

Those numbers should allow Oakland to hit the front early, again, but I think they will have learnt from last night and will hold on. They have Paul Blackburn starting who has seen just three games this season and went five innings for no runs, which is impressive form to come into this, given it was against the in-form Yankees. Given the A’s are the underdogs in this clash, I’ll take them with a run in the spread for some extra comfort, but wouldn’t be surprised if they win.

Tim’s MLB Pick: Oakland Athletics +1.5 (-122)

Katherine Mouradian

The Blue Jays were able to strike first in this series, but they still remain 13 games behind the AL East leading Rays. The Athletics can’t really afford losses like this one, as they are still in the hunt for the top position in the AL West, just five games behind the Astros. When it comes to some of the key stats for this game, the Athletics have won only three of their previous 10 games on the road when playing a team with a winning record, and they have won none of their previous five when it is the second game of the series.

The Blue Jays on the other hand, have won 10 of their previous 13 games on a Saturday, and have won 19 of their previous 28 when it comes to the second game of a series. I’m backing the Blue Jays to continue their momentum and get another win in the books at home.

Katherine’s MLB Pick: Toronto Blue Jays (-184)

Mike Su

After a crazy game with 21 total runs and Marcus Siemen hitting the game winner, this game looks likely to be a less high scoring affair. The games between the Athletics and Blue Jays typically hit the overs but in this game both teams are starting decent pitchers. Does that mean the under is a guarantee? Certainly not but it does make the matchup more intriguing. The Athletics are starting Paul Blackburn who has just played just 16 innings this season for 2.81 ERA. Blackburn has barely played during his career with just 151 innings played and despite his great season averages based off 16 innings, he is a true wild card.

The Blue Jays on the other hand are starting the more experienced and proven Jose Berrios who has an average 3.53 ERA in 153 innings pitched this season. Berrios is a proven commodity and should be decent. Against Oakland, Berrios has 11 strikeouts and allowed 5 runs in 12 innings. For me the wildcard of Blackburn is the make of break here, and I think for the Athletics he will break them. I think the Blue Jays run away with this one off the back of Berrios keeping them to a low score while the Blue Jays take advantage of Berrios.

Mike’s MLB Pick: Toronto Blue Jays -1.5 (+115)

Philadelphia Phillies @ Miami Marlins – 6.10PM ET

This Saturday evening clash between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins will be the second game in a three game series. The Marlins were able to get a fairly sizable win against the Phillies in the first game, winning 10-3.

Tim Newton

While the Marlins unleashed against the Phillies last night, scoring a massive 10 runs, I am taking the under in this clash. It does worry me that the total was 13 last night and now needs to be seven or less for the under to hit, but both starting pitchers have the ability to help it happen.

Ranger Suarez, Philadelphia’s starter, has pitched in 33 games, six of which were starts, and has an incredible 1.48 ERA. In his six starts, Suarez gave up only six runs across 26.2 innings of work and should restrict Miami’s total a lot better than yesterday. The Marlins have Trevor Rogers on the mound first up who has a 2.45 ERA so far this season and has 129 strikeouts on the season. Both of those starters are impressive and I like them to keep it under. 

Tim’s MLB Pick: Under 7.5 (-115)

Katherine Mouradian

With the Marlins going into this clash with a win already under their belt, it is up to the Phillies to level things up. Like a number of teams in the league at the moment, the Phillies can’t really afford losses like these, as they are still in the hunt for the top spot in the NL East, just two games behind the Braves. The Marlins are seemingly playing for pride now, as they are 15.5 games behind the Braves.
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The Phillies have won nine of their previous 13 games on a Saturday and have won 20 of their previous 27 when playing a team in the NL East. When the Marlins play in the second game of the series, they have won four out of their previous 13 games, and they have won just six of their previous 28 when playing against a starter that has a WHIP under 1.15. It’s got to be the Phillies for me.

Katherine’s MLB Pick: Philadelphia Phillies (-116)

Mike Su

The Phillies sit just 2.5 games behind the division leader Atlanta Braves and are very much a chance for playoffs despite winning just 69 games thus far. They play the bottom of division Marlins in what seems to be an easy win for the Phillies. The Phillies lead by Bryce Harper are making a late playoff run and despite a loss in the first game to the Marlins, I think they can turn it around in this game. The Marlins only really won that game due to a blowout in the 6th innings where they scored 7 runs.

That won’t happen again especially with the Phillies starting Ranger Suarez. Suarez has been phenomenal in limited playing time with a 1.48 ERA, 1.04 WHIP and 65 strikeouts in 67 innings. Although this is in limited time, there is enough of a sample size for me to say Suarez is pretty darn good. The Marlins are turning to Trevor Rogers who hasn’t played since July to try to win this game. Rogers has been good this season with a 2.45 ERA and 129 strikeouts in 110 innings. This should be a low scoring affair with extremely good pitchers on both sides. I think due to the strength and playoff implications of this game like I’ve mentioned, the Phillies take this game easily.

Mike’s MLB Pick: Philadelphia Phillies (-116)

Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals – 7.10PM ET

This Saturday night clash between the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals will be the second installment of a three game series. The first game ended with a surprise victory to the Royals, they managed to win fairly convincingly in the end, 7-2.

Tim Newton

The Royals stole one last night and are underdogs against tonight, which means they get the run in the spread. I think that is a great bet given last night’s result and the fact they have Daniel Lynch starting. In his last three games he has given up just one run each team, including in two games against the explosive Houston Astros.

He should be able to keep Chicago’s scoring low and that will allow Kansas’ offense to stay in this and keep it close, or even go on to win yet again. Either way, at home with a run in the spread, I like the Royals tonight. 

Tim’s MLB Pick: Kansas City Royals +1.5 (-118)

Katherine Mouradian

It was interesting watching the White Sox go down to the Royals last night, and this snapped a three game winning streak for the White Sox, and a four game losing streak for the Royals! The White Sox are one of the teams in the league that is sitting pretty at the top of their respective league / division, being 10 games ahead in the AL Central.

The White Sox have won 32 of their previous 64 games on the road, and have won 89 of their previous 129 games when they start as the favorite. On the flip side, the Royals have won four of their previous 14 games on a Saturday, but have won nine of their previous 13 games when they are the underdog. Who doesn’t love an underdog story? But I’m thinking this one will be more of a bloodbath, with the White Sox looking for revenge. I’m backing the White Sox to cover the spread.

Katherine’s MLB Pick: Chicago White Sox -1.5 (-102)

Mike Su

The White Sox sit firmly atop the AL Central division and play the Royals again in a game that remains important for the White Sox in terms of playoff seeding. 4 teams including the White Sox sit on 78 wins and therefore a win here is key. The White Sox lost in ugly fashion against the Royals mainly due to a poor pitching performance from Dallas Keuchel who allowed 6 runs in just 3 innings. The White Sox in this game aren’t taking any chances, starting Reynaldo Lopez at pitcher. Lopez has been phenomenal in limited paying time.

During his relief pitching duties over the last week, Lopez has pitched 6 innings for 7 strikeouts while allowing 0 runs and 0 hits. Lopez has an insane 1.45 ERA and 0.69 WHIP this season in 35 innings played. The Royals on the other hand are going with Daniel Lynch who also has limited playing time where he has been below average this season with a 4.47 ERA and 1.59 WHIP in 48 innings. The White Sox are better in every other statistical category so there is literally no reason they should lose especially with Lopez playing so well. Yes the Royals have beaten the Royals in 4 of the last 5 games, I think the  White Sox should win by a wide margin.

Mike’s MLB Pick: Chicago White Sox -1.5 (-102)

Houston Astros @ San Diego Padres – 8.40PM ET

This Saturday evening clash between the Houston Astros and the San Diego Padres will be the second installment of a three game series. The first game went the way of the Astros, who managed to get a 6-3 victory. Do the Padres have enough in the tank to mount a comeback? Read on below to see what our experts think!

Tim Newton

The Astros won comfortably last night and I like them to do so again. Frambler Valdez is starting for Houston and when he does, good things happen for them. He has registered a win in over half of his games and comes in with a 2.91 ERA.

Looking at his August numbers, he only gave up 10 runs across 33.1 innings of work and that gives Houston’s batting lineup, that is top three in baseball, every chance to get in front and stay in front. That is exactly what I think will happen in this one and Houston should run away with a comfortable win yet again. 

Tim’s MLB Pick: Houston Astros -1.5 (+168)

Katherine Mouradian

The Astros needed this win to snap a two game losing streak, and help to put some more distance between themselves at the top of the AL West and the Athletics, who are five games behind them in second place. The Padres are in the tough NL West, which includes the Giants and Dodgers who are fighting tooth and nail for the top spot, the Padres are 14 games behind the top two teams. Let’s dig into some of the key stats for this clash now!
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The Astros have won 51 of their previous 76 games on a Saturday and when it comes to the second game of the series, they have won five of their previous seven. The Padres have won just one of their previous six when they play a team who has a left handed starter and they have won only three of their previous 10 games on a Saturday. Two awesome starting pitchers will get both teams off to a good start, but I like the look of Musgrove better, for the Padres. It will be close, but I think the Padres will be good enough to get the win here at home.

Katherine’s MLB Pick: San Diego Padres (-116)

Mike Su

The Padres fight for their playoff chances against the top of the AL West Astros. With a 5 game lead the Astros are relatively comfortable but they should be trying to build momentum going down the stretch. This is the opposite of what has happened as the Astros have lost 2 games in a row. Both teams are starting solid pitchers for this matchup, with the Astros going with Framber Valdez who has a solid 9-4 record with an impressive 2.91 ERA.

The Padres are going with Joe Musgrove who despite his 9-8 record, has won 8 of his last 10 starts. Musgrove has a 2.85 ERA and very good 0.99 WHIP, while getting 169 strikeouts in 148.1 innings. The Astros have the edge in my opinion due to their slightly better team. The Astros have the second run scoring team in the league and the second best run differential in the league. The Astros are frankly in a different tier of team to the Padres despite their similar record. I don’t think Joe Musgrove, despite his hot form, is enough to overcome one of the best statistical teams in the league.

Mike’s MLB Pick: Houston Astros (-102)

Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants – 9.05PM ET

This Saturday evening clash between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants will be the second installment of a three game series. The first game needed to be taken to the 11th innings to finally decide a winner, which ended up being the Giants, winning 3-2.

Tim Newton

I picked the Giants to take the first but I am flipping over to the Dodgers tonight. It was a low scoring affair and I think that plays into the hands of LA, who I believe to have a much more explosive batting lineup. Adding to that, the Dodgers are starting Julio Urias, who is 15-3 from his 26 starts, which is absolutely incredible.

When pitching on the road, he is even better with an 11-2 record from 15 starts. The last two games against the Giants he has pitched 12.1 innings for only two San Francisco runs, and I think he will be able to get on top again tonight. 

Tim’s MLB Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers (-164)

Katherine Mouradian

Well, well, well! This was the tight tussle that I think many people were expecting, but it didn’t make it any less interesting to watch. The Giants managed to scrape through and get the victory. With both teams fighting for top spot in the NL West, a win in this series is even more important, because it also puts a loss next to the name of their closest rival. The Dodgers have won 45 of their previous 59 when it comes to the second game of a series, and they have won 36 of their previous 53 games on a Saturday.

The Giants have won four of their previous five games on a Saturday and have won seven of their previous eight when it comes to the second game of the series. Like I picked for the first game, I’m thinking the under will get up again. The under has hit 19 out of 27 times in total for the Dodgers and has hit eight out of 11 times in total for the Giants.

Katherine’s MLB Pick: Under 8.5 (-104)

Mike Su

The Dodgers once again play the Giants as they go back and forth for the division title. After a pitching clinic by Anthony Desclafani where he allowed no runs and had 5 strikeouts in 6 innings, the Dodgers offense should be looking to bounce back. In order to initiate the bounce back, the Dodgers are going with Julio Urias at pitcher in this important matchup. Urias has been very good this season and has been the windiest pitcher in the league this season with a 15-3 record.

Urias has a 3.17 ERA and has played reasonably well this season against the Giants. With 25 strikeouts, and only 11 allowed runs in 4 games for an average of just under 3 runs, Urias should create problems for the Giants. If the Dodgers can score more than 3 runs they should win this. However, with the Giants top level defense things might not be  that easy. I think this game is purely a toss up but I’m leaning towards the Dodgers in this game. 

Mike’s MLB Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers (-164)

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