Expert MLB Picks For The MLB Draft, 2022

Expert MLB Picks For The MLB Draft, 2022
Fri 15th July 2022

The MLB draft has just about arrived and we couldn’t be more excited! There are a lot of quality players in this year’s draft, but who are our top picks? Have a read on below to see all our top MLB picks for the draft in 2022:

Druw Jones

MLB odds for #1 overall draft pick: +260

Jones is a legacy Major League Baseball player as he is the son of former Baltimore Orioles star Andruw Jones. However Druw is the taller one between him and his legendary father. He has the same exact play style as his dad as well as he is a defensive outfielder who is very capable of hitting the ball to all areas of the ballpark. He a good choice to be the number one overall pick at the moment because of his ability to blossom into a solid all-around five tool player much like his father. 

According to scouts his swing still needs to work on his approach from the right side of the plate, but he is aware and able to make adjustments. He also has the ability to shift from the outfield to the infield and play the shortstop position as well. His arm is what has been hyped up the most as his strength and accuracy is the best among all the prospects in this draft according to some. 

Tony’s MLB Picks For 2022 Draft: Druw Jones (+260)

Jackson Holiday

MLB odds for #1 overall draft pick: +1200

Holiday is yet another guy who is the son of a legendary Major League Baseball player. His father is former Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Oakland Athletics outfielder Matt Holiday. Jackson plays the shortstop position and is currently committed to play under his father and uncle at Oklahoma State if he doesn’t make the immediate jump to the big leagues, which at this point seems very unlikely. 

According to scouts he is one of the better hitters in this class and it shows when you study his tape. He has the ability to be just like his father was and that is one of the most clutch hitters in the history of Major League Baseball if he develops correctly. Holiday is almost a lock for the number two overall pick in this draft and it’s easy to see why there would be some saying to take him number one overall as well. 

Tony’s MLB Picks For 2022 Draft: Jackson Holiday (+1200)

Elijah Green

MLB odds for #1 overall draft pick: +3900

Green is being mocked to go third overall in the 2022 Major League Baseball draft. He is an eighteen year old outfielder who is currently committed to the University Of Miami. He hits from the right side of the plate and throws with his right arm as well. Much like the other two players featured here he is the son of a former professional athlete. However, the difference is, his dad is a former tight end in the National Football League and did not have a career in the major leagues. 

He is capable of becoming a five tool player in the league if he develops as expected. Scouts say that his one weakness at the plate is swinging and missing at pitches, which is something that is going to improve over time as he gets work in with a professional hitting coach. He is certainly going to be a thief in the minors and majors as he possesses elite speed on the base paths. It is very possible that teams could pull out a surprise and draft Green number one overall. 

Tony’s MLB Picks For 2022 Draft: Elijah Green (+3900)

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*Odds correct at time of publication, courtesy of FanDuel.

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