SportsTips’ MLB Power Rankings 2021: Week 19

SportsTips’ MLB Power Rankings 2021: Week 19
Wed 11th August 2021

With upsets, winning streaks and losing streaks throughout the league, there have been plenty of movers in SportsTips’ MLB Power Rankings and FanDuel’s World Series odds heading into Week 19 of the 2021 MLB season!

Here’s where all 30 MLB teams stand after 18 weeks of baseball:

1. San Francisco Giants

World Series Championship Odds: +1300
Current Record: 71-41
Previous Rankings: 1

Despite a 5-2 week, including a 2-1 win in Milwaukee, against the NL Central leading Brewers, the Giants saw their World Series odds go out to +1300, from +1000. However, San Francisco have a four game lead over the Dodgers for the NL West and best record in the National League and are in the box seat for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. 

The Giants have been one of the best teams all season and are on of just two teams that have a top five bullpen and batting lineup, indicating that they can win in multiple ways, which will be important in the postseason.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Championship Odds: +350
Current Record: 67-45
Previous Rankings: 3

A 3-2 week seems mediocre for the Dodgers, and it should be given that they lost to the Angels in an extra innings and split a two game home series with the Astros, who then went on to lose 1-3 at home to the Twins. Last week could have been so much better for LA but they still rise up a spot in the MLB Power Rankings due to Houston’s poor play and the fact that LA still has the second best record in the National League and third best record in all of baseball, despite sitting second in their division. 

The Dodgers are still one of just two teams with a top five bullpen and batting line and got some extra support at the trade deadline, which will help them massively down the stretch. 

3. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Championship Odds: +1300
Current Record: 68-44
Previous Rankings: 4

The Rays have climbed up to the third spot in our MLB power rankings despite losing a home series to the Mariners during the week. This rise is due to the fact that they have opened up a five game buffer at the top of the AL East, which is arguably the toughest division in baseball. 

Tampa Bay did rectify their loss to the Mariners with a three game sweep of the Orioles and will now be looking to keep their lead in the division and also their two game lead in the American League. 

4. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Championship Odds: +1100
Current Record: 66-46
Previous Rankings: 5

Despite losing a home series this week, the Brewers move up a spot in the charts. A narrow 1-2 loss to the league-leading Giants is nothing to be ashamed of and Milwaukee have plenty to play with in the remaining regular season games.

With a 6.5 lead over the Reds for the top of the NL Central, Milwaukee and their top line bullpen can afford to move things around and figure out what will work best against the other elite teams, which they’ll need for the playoffs. 

5. Chicago White Sox

World Series Championship Odds: +600
Current Record: 67-46
Previous Rankings: 6

The White Sox really don’t deserve to move up a spot here, but no one immediately below them did enough to bump them out, while Houston’s week was much worse still. Yes, they swept the Cubs in the battle for Chicago, but that was after a 1-2 home loss to the Royals. 

They may be top 10 for both offense and defense this season, but the White Sox still have a lot to figure out if they are to make a splash in the postseason. Luckily for them, they have the luxury of having a 10.5 game cushion at the top of the AL Central and could be vying for the top spot in the American League, sitting just two games back now.

6. Oakland Athletics

World Series Championship Odds: +2000
Current Record: 64-48
Previous Rankings: 9

Oakland had as good of a week as you could ask for, splitting a two game series with the explosive Padres before sweeping the Rangers in a three game series, outsourcing them 22-7. As such, they have seen their World Series odds come in from +2700 to +2000 and have moved up three spots in the MLB Power Rankings. 

Given Houston’s struggles of late, the A’s sit just two games back from top of the AL West and have a serious shot of taking over the top spot in the division before the end of the season.

7. Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Championship Odds: +1800
Current Record: 59-53
Previous Rankings: 16

This week’s biggest mover in the MLB Power Rankings, the Phillies climb up to seven thanks to a perfect 7-0 week. That is now eight straight wins for Philadelphia and they have claimed top spot of the NL West. 

A 3-0 sweep of the Mets, who were on top of the division for so long, was the best result possible for the Phillies, however the Dodgers are up first this week and that could spell trouble for their streak, and their division title chances. 

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8. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Championship Odds: +1800
Current Record: 60-50
Previous Rankings: 11

Toronto has clearly enjoyed returning north of the border, going 6-2 during the week thanks to 3-1 series wins over both Cleveland and Boston. The return home is helping them make a second-half surge towards wild card contention and they now sit just three games out. 

It will be interesting to see how the Blue Jays cope, now they have to get on the road for three series. But, they are playing the Angels, Mariners and Nationals, and should be favoured in all three. 

9. Houston Astros

World Series Championship Odds: +480
Current Record: 66-46
Previous Rankings: 2

What a disastrous week from the Astros. After building so much momentum and positive play, a 2-4 week has really set them back. Splitting a two game series with the Dodgers, on the road, was a great start but then everything fell away. Returning home and facing the lowly Twins, many could have even expected a sweep but Houston won just one of four games, struggling to score.

Those results see their lead in the AL West dwindle away, sitting at just two games at the end of the week and they will need to turn things around sooner rather than later. 

10. San Diego Padres

World Series Championship Odds: +1600
Current Record: 65-49
Previous Rankings: 8

Given that the Padres are still without Fernando Tatis Jr., a 3-2 week, including stealing a game in Oakland, is great. While they sit just third in the NL West, San Diego has a four game edge for the second wild card slot and could be welcoming Tatis back into the lineup sooner than expected. 

While he may have to move into the outfield upon returning, adding Tatis back into the explosive offensive lineup will be a massive boost and this team just needs to hold on down the stretch and could be a spicy underdog in the postseason.

11. New York Yankees

World Series Championship Odds: +1300
Current Record: 62-50
Previous Rankings: 10

The Yankees have struggled through multiple key names testing positive for COVID-19 since the All Star break and the injury list keeps growing because of that. However, New York had a solid week, going 5-2 overall and have put themselves in a position to compete for a postseason spot. 

Given the Red Sox’s struggles of late, New York now sits just two games back from the second wild card slot in the American League and once they get their troops back on the park, they should make a run for it and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them succeed. 

12. Boston Red Sox

World Series Championship Odds: +1600
Current Record: 65-49
Previous Rankings: 7

As mentioned, Boston has had a week to forget, going 2-5 and slipping out of contention for the AL East crown. After leading the division for most of the season, the Red Sox now see themselves five games back from top spot whilst also just two games ahead of the Yankees, who are breathing down their necks for that final wild card slot.

With a 1-2 loss in Detroit and a 1-3 loss in Toronto, the Red Sox better hope that returning home helps them out. However, the Rays are waiting for them in Boston and this series could make or break their season.

13. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Championship Odds: +4600
Current Record: 61-52
Previous Rankings: 13

The Cincinnati Reds are pretty unlikely to remain in 13th place in the MLB Power Rankings, considering they finished the week on a five game winning streak. However their wins were against the Twins (1) and the Pirates (4), which isn’t much to write home about, especially when both series were at home. 

Road games against Cleveland, Atlanta and Philadelphia will let us know where this team really sits, and could completely change our view on the Reds by the time this week is done. 

14. Atlanta Braves

World Series Championship Odds: +4100
Current Record: 58-55
Previous Rankings: 15

A 5-1 week sees the Braves move up a spot in the charts and also sees their World Series odds come in from +4500 to +4100. Sweeping the Cardinals is expected and then a 2-1 series win over the Nationals was needed, in order to keep in touch with the postseason hopefuls. 

While Atlanta is second in their division, just 1.5 games back from Philadelphia, they are six games back from the second wild card slot in the National League. This means it is a division title or bust for the Braves and it isn’t out of the question given they are within reach. 

15. Seattle Mariners

World Series Championship Odds: +37000
Current Record: 59-54
Previous Rankings: 14

It was a whirlwind week for the Mariners. While they lost 1-3 in New York, to the Yankees, their week started with a 2-1 series win over the American League-leading Rays, in Tampa Bay. That is a massive positive for a side that has been in the middle of the road all season long, but their inconsistency is letting them down.

Seattle sits 7.5 games back from the Astros, in top spot of the AL West, while they are still five games back from the second wild card slot, behind the likes of the Yankees, who just beat them easily, and the Blue Jays. 

16. New York Mets

World Series Championship Odds: +4100
Current Record: 56-55
Previous Rankings: 12

It is tough to judge who had a worst week out of the Astros, Red Sox or Mets, all of whom are in postseason contention. However, the Mets’ fall from grace has been disastrous and a 1-6 week is simply unacceptable. 

Losing to the Marlins 1-3, who then went on to be swept by the Rockies, is mind-blowing for a team that led their division for the most part of the season to date. A home series with the struggling Nationals will indicate whether this team is throwing in the towel or wants to fight for a postseason spot. 

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17. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Championship Odds: +40000
Current Record: 56-56
Previous Rankings: 19

Are the Angels a worthy postseason contender or not? A 0.500 record indicates that they may be in with a chance but dropping a game to the Texans and then losing 1-2 to the Dodgers, which should have been 0-3, says otherwise. 

Their chances seem to shrink as the days go on, especially now they are 9.5 games back from top of the AL West and seven games back from the second wild card slot in a hotly contested race to the postseason. 

18. Cleveland Indians

World Series Championship Odds: +60000
Current Record: 55-55
Previous Rankings: 17

Cleveland fell victim to the Blue Jays strong form since returning to Toronto and ended up going just 3-4 for the week because of it. While they are second in their division, The Tribe are 10.5 games behind the White Sox for top of the AL Central and a massive eight games back from the second wild card slot. 

A bigger indicator of this may have been that Cleveland became sellers rather than buyers at the deadline and they now need to get some run in the legs of guys for next season. 

19. St Louis Cardinals

World Series Championship Odds: +60000
Current Record: 55-56
Previous Rankings: 18

After getting swept by the Braves, at home, St. Louis bounced back with a 2-1 win over the inconsistent, yet in-form Royals. However, at this stage of the season a 2-4 week isn’t good enough and they are now dwindling out of contention for the postseason. 

20. Kansas City Royals

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 48-63
Previous Rankings: 22

Kansas City may be one of the most frustrating and confusing teams in baseball, particularly in the second half of the season. A 2-1 series win over the White Sox, in Chicago, was followed up with a 1-2 loss to the Cardinals. 

While there is no hope of making the playoffs this year, there are some positive signs for the Royals and a home series against the Yankees, who are struggling with COVID-19, could present as an opportunity to steal more games from teams well and truly above them in the standings. 

21. Detroit Tigers

World Series Championship Odds: +60000
Current Record: 54-60
Previous Rankings: 20

Another mediocre week for the Tigers is tough to judge. A 2-1 series win over Boston would typically be seen as a massive result for Detroit, but given how poorly the Red Sox have been playing lately, it isn’t that much of an achievement. 

22. Minnesota Twins

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 48-65
Previous Rankings: 26

Minnesota are massive movers after a 4-2 weeks against the likes of an in-form Cincinnati side that has won five straight and the AL West-leading Astros. The 3-1 series win in Houston is definitely a highlight of the season for this Minnesota side and it is now just about taking positives from this season into next year, hoping for a better result.

23. Colorado Rockies

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 51-61
Previous Rankings: 25

A 5-1 week is extremely impressive by the Rockies, but it is how they did it that has seen them rise in the MLB Power Rankings. While their chances of playing in the postseason are over, the Rockies dominated a Miami team that had a top 10 bullpen going into the series. 

Colorado put up a massive 34 runs across three games, sweeping the Marlins and improving their record in the process. While it is definitely too little too late, this was a very positive result from the Rockies. 

24. Washington Nationals

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 50-62
Previous Rankings: 21

Washington continues to slide down the charts. A 1-6 week has seen them gone within striking distance of top place in the NL East to now looking forward to the offseason. While the Phillies are on an eight game winning streak, getting swept in a four game series, at home, is never a good sign.

25. Chicago Cubs

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 52-61
Previous Rankings: 23

Much like the Nationals, the Cubs’ last week was terrible and they were swept in terrible fashion. After managing just one win from three games against the Rockies, returning home to be swept by the White Sox is not what Chicago would have wanted. They are still 10.5 games clear of the struggling Pirates for bottom of the division, but they have no chance of moving up either. 

26. Miami Marlins

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 47-66
Previous Rankings: 24

It was the week that could have been for the Marlins. After beating the Mets 3-1, Miami would have gone to Colorado with a heap of confidence, only for it to be shattered straight away. Their bullpen was decimated by a surprising Rockies onslaught, giving up 34 runs in just three games, all losses. 

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27. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 41-71
Previous Rankings: 27

Another terrible week by the Pirates, going 1-6 and now sitting 30 games below 0.500. While they managed to steal a game in Milwaukee, they finished the week by losing five straight games, four of which were to the Reds. 

With home series against the Cardinals and Brewers coming up, followed by a trip to LA to face the Dodgers, things could continue to get worse for Pittsburgh in the coming weeks. 

28. Arizona Diamondbacks

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 35-78
Previous Rankings: 30

While they still have the worst record in baseball, Arizona has climbed off the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings thanks to a 2-5 week. The three teams above them all won just one game and one of the D’Backs wins was against the best team in baseball, San Francisco. 

29. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 38-72
Previous Rankings: 28

Beating the Yankees, in New York, 7-1 on Monday was an incredible start to the week for Baltimore but it was all downhill from there. Five straight losses to finish the week was almost expected from this side, considering they had the Yankees and Rays to face. It is now just about salvaging whatever they can from this season and taking positives into next year. 

30. Texas Rangers

World Series Championship Odds: Off the charts
Current Record: 39-73
Previous Rankings: 29

The Rangers drop to the bottom of the MLB Power Rankings after a 1-6 week, losing 1-3 to the Angels and then getting swept, at home, by the A’s. While that may have been expected for the Rangers, given the D’Backs were able to win two games, this side had to slide down and unfortunately rests on the bottom for this week.

*Odds correct at time of publication, courtesy of FanDuel 

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