Popular Bets Types For MLB Betting

Popular Bets Types For MLB Betting
Fri 4th December 2020

One of the best parts of betting on Major League Baseball games is that you’ve got plenty of choices to explore. Here are a few of the top wagers you can use for your MLB betting plans.

Moneyline Bets

You can place a moneyline bet on all baseball games. The moneyline values for who will be the outright winner of a game will be close to even money in most situations. You can pick multiple moneyline bets and place them on one parlay ticket.

First Five Innings Bets

You can place a wager on who you feel will be ahead after the first five innings are complete. You can bet on one side to be in the lead, or you could pick that the game will still be tied. A bet on the first five innings focuses on the starting pitchers. Those two will likely be in the game after the fifth inning ends, so you’re betting on which of these pitchers will be more dominant.

First Inning Bets

First inning bets involve picking on many things for the start of the game, including:

  • Whether a team will score a run during that frame
  • How many strikeouts a pitcher will throw
  • Whether a pitcher will have a perfect first inning with no hits, walks, or errors
  • If a player is able to hit a home run

A first-inning wager lets you bet on whether there will be any momentum for either side at the start of the game. You could use this wager if you notice a starting pitcher might struggle at the start.

Series Bets

You can place a bet on how a series between two teams will run. You could get a better payout on a successful series bet, as you’re placing a wager on how two teams will compete in a multiple-game series.

For example, you could place series bets like these:

  • You can bet on a three-game series to end with one side going 2-1 or 3-0.
  • A four-game series can entail 4-0 and 3-1 bets for both sides or a 2-2 wager where you feel the teams will split.
  • There are also series bets available on two-game series. You could pick a team to complete the clean sweep or for the sides to split the brief series.
  • You will find more of these bets during the playoffs. You could pick on which team will win a best-of-five or seven series and on how many games the series will last.

Specific Player Over / Under

While you can place an over/under wager on how many runs the teams will score, you could bet on many over / under for individual players. Some of these bets include wagers on:

  • How many RBI a player will attain
  • How many strikeouts a pitcher will throw
  • Whether a player will hit a home run; this may appear as an over/under bet of 0.5 home runs
  • How many innings a pitcher will finish; if a pitch has an over / under bet of 6.2 innings, that means you could bet he’ll either finish seven innings or be pulled after throwing one out in the sixth

If you are looking for more information on MLB and how to bet, make sure you visit our MLB hub page, we have all the information you need!

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