Round Robin Betting Strategy

Updated Wed 11th November 2020

Punters need to understand a lot of things about this strategy. Starting from the working principle down to the in-depth requirements. It’s safe to say that it is a fantastic hedging strategy. If you don’t know what that entails, there’s no need to worry. What’s a round robin bet? It simply means that you can minimize risk with a high possible payout.

Another way to see hedging is a gamble that relieves you from the stress of worrying about bets. At this point, you may be wondering about how that works. Later in this article, you’ll learn more about how this technique functions to bring that into reality. 

Moreover, you should know that round robin bets are a type of parlay; this means that you should bet on the results of several events simultaneously. Please note that you may need to think of constructing a parlay if there are several lines to explore.

For the sake of clarity, what exactly is a parlay? In simple terms, it’s a kind of gambling where winnings from wagering on sports are used as a stake for more bets in the future. In constructing a parlay, you can either start by building a massive parlay that ties together sporting events’ outcomes. 

You may also produce a smaller one to include all the prospective combinations of sporting events. This article will enlighten you on the different things that you need to know about these bets. It will also answer the question, what does round robin mean in sports betting?

How Does a Round Robin Bet Work?

There’s a simple principle that can teach punters on how to win a round robin bet. It’s effortless to comprehend for new and established punters as well. This type of wagering allows you to make a series of smaller parlays from a longer list of teams or players. 

It can be regarded as one of the best hedging strategies in the gambling industry. Did you know that this kind of wagering is from the name round robin tournament? Here, each team plays other teams in its group. In the tournament, each contestant meets all the contestants in turn. 

It significantly differs from an elimination tournament in which all participants start by selecting the bet for the sportsbook. The next option may be to create a series of smaller parlays made up of selected games once that is done.

Interestingly, the parlay combinations depend on the games that you pick. So, the more the games, the greater the number of parlays that you can build. Please recall that there are two crucial options regarding the construction of parlay. 

Now, delving into details of this bet’s working principle, how does a round robin bet operate. These kinds of bets are multi-team bets that occur between two to ten different teams. However, the two teams are later used to build many two team possible parlay combinations. You should know that the amount you wager in this method is the same amount that is bet on each two-team parlay.

Round Robin Bet Examples Explained

One of the most impressive things about this type of gambling is the fact that it’s a hedging strategy. For this reason, many punters can take good advantage of this gambling technique. You may be wondering about the process of making a round robin bet. We’d have round robin bets explained practically in this section.

In most cases, online platforms make good use of software that enables punters to save time and invariably build round robin wagers. You may need to begin by choosing the lines you want to include. After that, click on the round robin option, then select the number of ways to parlay. 

Don’t worry; the bookmarker will generate the options needed to create round robin wagers based on the inputs. Here’s what’s interesting; creating a round robin with three lines is not an issue. However, it’s slightly different when you create a round robin bet on seven other lines with five-event parlays. With that, it implies that you will do 35 different parlays.

Is Round Robin an Advanced Sports Betting Strategy?

Most bettors define advanced with the word “complicated.” However, they mean two different things. The only significant way that round robin sports betting is unique is because it’s not the regular sports betting everyone understands. Due to this, many will refer to this technique as an advanced one. 

There’s something that is called the number of ways option. For instance, if you’ve picked three lines in round robin, you can’t possess that of over two lines. However, you can create a parlay of two to three events in size if you are to choose four lines. The question is, how many combinations will be present to construct? For picking four lines with a two-event parlay, there will be six to construct.

Are Round Robin Bets Worth It?

We need to confirm and be extra sure that this strategy is worth the hype. Looking from a logical perspective, it’s a great technique to help punters earn a substantial amount of money. Interestingly, it’s also a smart way to minimize losses without really affecting your payout. 

For these reasons, it’s safe to say that round robin is worth it. Compared to other hedging strategies, round robin is doing an outstanding job. Unfortunately, you may find out that if a big parlay hits, the payouts are typically smaller. 

Key Takeaways

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that hedging strategies is the risk-free bet that it entails. Please ensure that you go through the sportsbook‘s terms and conditions before engaging in round robin betting. Generally, this technique of gambling is one of the best that a punter can enjoy. 

The problem that many have is that they often delve into this without doing adequate research. If you’re new to the online gambling industry, you can see this option as one of the safest you can wager on. Unlike some of the other hedging options, you can have massive payouts utilizing round robin strategies.

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