How to Win at Sports Betting

Updated Fri 20th November 2020

You have many opportunities to explore when placing bets on sporting events. It is possible to win more money on sports, but it helps to see what you’re doing when planning your wagers. 

Part of how to win on sports betting entails understanding the events taking place and avoiding the mistakes many people might make when placing their bets. Some people might not understand the values of their bets, or they might not figure out some of the sportsbook rules associated with handling a wager well.

This brief guide on how to win consistently in sports betting will help you see what works when you’re trying to make more money. These tips to win in sports betting include many simple points, while others involve analyzing each game of value.

But the most essential part of how to always win in sports betting is to look at the possible wagering opportunities available. While you could find many wagering choices that you feel have a better chance of winning, they aren’t always going to be as successful as you wish. Knowing what you will do when placing your sports bets will be essential to your general success.

Steps To Take To Win At Sports Betting

Read on below at the most important steps you need to take when looking to win at sports betting:

Review the Expected Value

The first part of how to win in sports betting is to review the expected value of a wager. The expected odds value entails the potential for a wager to pay well. The best way to win money in sports betting is to review the expected value surrounding these factors:

  • The likelihood of an event taking place
  • A review of how the odds are valued; you can divide 1 by the decimal odds of an event to see the percentage chance of that event happening
  • Various factors contributing to a game, including why a sportsbook might plan specific odds

The expected value must be positive, meaning that you have a better expectation of something taking place. You might find a good payout on something more likely to occur than what the odds suggest. It is easier to profit when you look at this part of how to win in sports betting.

Note the Props

Prop betting is popular for providing an easier approach for people to win more money. But you must also review more than the odds when analyzing the props. Part of how to win every sports bet on the prop market includes reviewing many factors surrounding a wager, including:

  • How well a player or team is competing, including the potential for someone to reach a specific prop
  • Differences between the odds for both sides of a prop wager
  • If you have multiple options for a prop wager, including the option to adjust the value of a prop

Betting on individual props is ideal. Avoid adding multiple props on a parlay ticket, as you don’t want to get carried away on some high-end wagers.

Focus on What You Know

The next part of how to win consistently in sports betting entails looking at what you know. Your effort on how to win big in sports betting will be best if you look at the sports that interest you the most. 

Focus on one sport that you know about when planning your bets. You can figure out the approximate value of a bet if you look at what’s open. This aspect of how to win in sports betting will help you become successful.

Note the Types of Bets

You have many unique types of bets to choose from, but you shouldn’t stick with any ordinary wager. While totals betting and spread betting have better odds that pay more, they may not always have the best values.

Moneyline wagers entail betting on one side to complete an outright win. Those bets are more appealing because they are easier to win. You can do more in reviewing how well each side competes while seeing whether the moneyline bets are higher or lower than one might expect.

But you should also review the likelihood of specific moneyline wagers working well. Check how the sides in a match are competing and review the percentage chances of each side to win with the moneyline values. This part of betting to win on sports may be more viable than you expect.

Avoid Common Mistakes

The best method for how to always win in sports betting is to avoid making some of the more commonplace errors sports bettors make. People can get carried away when wagering in the moment. But you can keep yourself in check if you avoid some of the more common betting mistakes that people make when wagering.

Some of the things to avoid when betting on sports include:

  • Thinking with your heart and focusing on your emotional attachments to teams
  • Getting too carried away with parlay bets; while they might pay out more, the values of each event aren’t as strong as what you’d get from individual wagers
  • Focusing on favorites and overs instead of the underdogs and unders; this issue comes from people assuming that one side will always have the better chance to win
  • Placing a spread or total wager without thinking about what goes into each side

Key Takeaways

You can find many wagering opportunities when looking at sports bets. You can use many tips to win in sports betting, including for points like the values of the bets and what the two sides on a wager are doing before the event. Be sure to review enough details on everything happening in a match, so you’ll know what is the most worthwhile for your wagering needs.

Knowing what works when finding something of value can make a world of difference. Your work for how to win in sports betting must depend on what you understand and how well you can figure out wagers. Don’t assume specific betting choices are always going to be the most appealing ones, nor should you think a parlay is always the best bet.

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