How to Bet on Sports Online

Updated Wed 5th May 2021

It has never been easier for people to place bets on sports in the United States than it is now. Online sports betting is legal in more than ten states and the District of Columbia. Various states that have already legalized in-person sports betting have considered expanding their offerings by introducing legal online sports betting in the future.

Various sports leagues are also open to the concept of online betting. Some professional leagues, like the NFL and the NBA, have established affiliations with online betting sites to promote various wagering activities or special events.

You can take part in the exciting world of online sports betting if you’re looking for a thrill. But while you’ve got a full pick of online betting sites, you must also know how you can place your bets. Online sports betting sites have many rules for what you should do when placing your bets. There may also be rules surrounding whatever is available for wagering in your state.

This guide will highlight what you can do when placing bets on sports events. You’ll learn about how to use the many online betting options available for you. You’ve got a full array of wagering choices, but you must know what you’re doing to complete your wagers for all sports that interest you. 

As well as this, there are also a lot of different online sportsbook bonuses available, so you should fully understand the rules and how to successfully claim your bonus. This will mean that you are able to take full advantage of any no deposit bonuses on offer.

Steps To Take When Sports Betting Online

Read on below at the most important steps you need to take when sports betting online:

Check the Rules In Your State

The first part of how to bet on sports online is to review how you can place your bets. Online betting sites are subject to various terms over what is open for wagering. While it is legal to bet on many major professional sports events, some states might have rules on how you can bet on college sports. 

Online betting on some college events might be prohibited in your state, including wagering on games taking place in your state or on games involving teams based in your state. Online sports betting sites likely won’t allow you to wager on non-sports events. These include esports activities and various entertainment-related events.

Review the Available Sportsbooks

Each state has rules on which online betting sites are available. Each of the best online betting sites must apply for a license to operate in a state where online wagering is legal. Not all sportsbooks are available in all states. For instance, BetMGM is available in New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, and Colorado, but it is not available in Iowa or Illinois like DraftKings.

Check the features of whatever online sports betting sites are available in your state. Review the factors surrounding:

  • How easy it is to use their platforms
  • Whether a sportsbook explains its features to you if you need help
  • The unique wagering options they provide
  • Special promotions and offers, including deposit bonuses
  • How well you can access your funds, including the deposit and withdrawal options
  • Customer service features, including live chat and help desk sections

The best online betting sites will provide the help you need when managing your wagers. They should make it easier for you to place your wagers on all your favorite events. Here at SportsTips we also offer a comprehensive online sportsbook review of all of the major sportsbooks available in the United States.

Sign Up For An Account

You can bet now online when you get a new account up and running. Some of the terms for establishing an online betting USA account include these:

  • You will need to provide identifying information to the website when setting up your account.
  • Identity verification may be necessary on some websites. Some online betting sites might ask to verify your data when you sign up, while others would ask for this when you’re making a withdrawal from your account.
  • Review the bonus options available from a sportsbook. The best online betting sites will provide bonuses like a deposit match offer or a risk-free wager. Always take advantage of whatever free money offers online sports betting sites provide, but also review the terms for each.
  • Complete a deposit with one of the payment options supported by the website. The best online sports betting sites will support credit and debit cards, although online money transfer services or cryptocurrencies may also be available. Be sure the site also has withdrawal options you can utilize.

Planning Your Wagering Efforts

You can start placing bets on sports events when you finish setting up your account. Use these points when looking at how to bet on sports online:

  • Check the rules for betting on the website. Each online sports betting site has rules on how much you can wager, what parlays are available, and other terms for what is open.
  • Only wager what you can afford to lose. There’s no guarantee that you will win anything when betting on sports.
  • Review the interface for how you can place your bets. An online betting website should include a ticket box where you can review your wager before making it final.
  • The best online sports betting websites will offer more wagering choices. Look at the parlays, teasers, round robins, and other wagers available. Some places may also have prop builders to help you plan elaborate parlay wagers.
  • Be aware of what you’re placing your bets on before you confirm your wagers. Always bet on sporting events you’re familiar with, as you can make a more educated decision when placing your wager.

Key Takeaways

The best online betting sites will help you complete all your wagers the right way. But you must review how well a website operates and ensure that you’ve got a plan for what you can do when organizing your online betting efforts.

Be sure you know the sportsbook rules of how to bet on sports online in your state. Look at the different online sports betting websites available in your area, including what bonuses they provide and any unique wagering features they will support.

Watch for what you’re doing when placing bets on sports, including looking at the unique wagering activities available. Don’t forget to keep your spending habits under control. You’ll have more fun with online betting sites when you know what’s open.

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