Live Betting

Updated Mon 9th November 2020

Live Betting
Betting Basics
Betting Basics

Live betting is also commonly referred to as in-play or in-running betting. As the name implies, it is simply wagering on an event that is already in progress. Back in the days before the option was available to bettors, they could only bet before the beginning of a sporting event. 

Once the wager is made, you have no choice but to wait till the event is complete before your bet is ruled as a win or loss, but now you can bet on sport live. Live betting puts you on a safer side, provided you have a live betting strategy. You get to watch before making a wager, meaning that you see the game’s flow and pick the highest possible betting option. 

For example, if you want to make a bet on a football match, you don’t have to choose the team you feel will win blindly; you could watch some minutes of the game’s live-action before finalizing your decision. 

Then, live betting makes it possible for you to place a wager before the match ends. Asides that, the constantly changing live betting odds make the game more thrilling for bettors. So it would be best if you placed your bets as fast as possible.

Some bettors don’t like the old traditional method of betting before a match begins; they prefer to play sports bet live. Many live betting sites now exist in the gambling world; it is left to you to take advantage of the opportunity presented before you.

How Live Betting Odds Work

From the name, you might have got a little idea that it involves playing sport bet live on live betting sites, but let’s have a full understanding of it. For you to understand how it works, let’s use the analogy of a soccer game. 

When looking at moneyline betting, there is usually a bettor’s favorite team for every soccer game and one which is viewed as weak. Before the match begins, your bookmaker sets the pre-match odds, which you must already know that the favorite team would have the lower odds. Assume that team A is the favorite, and team B is viewed as the underdog.

When the match begins, assume that the underdog team scores the first few minutes into the game. Here is the exciting thing about in-play betting, the odds are constantly changing in a case where the underdog team scores first, team A’s chances of winning the game is slimmer. They might still be the favorite pick for bettors, but the bookmaker would increase their odds because they are losing.

At this point in the match, whoever makes a sport bet live on team A gets the higher odds, meaning more money if the bet wins and a simple live betting strategy. That is one reason why bettors love this option. Also, keep in mind that not only goals affect live betting odds. 

Many other factors are considered; in fact, every action the players make has the potential to affect the live betting odds. Bettors prefer to make sports bets live because watching the game can make decisions better when they are watching it live.

Developing a Live Betting Strategy

Before you go all-in into the exciting world of in-play betting, you should have a live betting strategy that you follow. Punters don’t just check for live matches and start making sports bet live on any game they see. 

Here are some strategies that you can employ to boost your chances of winning:

  • Watch the games live: There is no better live betting strategy you can use than to watch the games yourself. Some punters are found in the habit of placing wagers based on the fluctuating live betting odds. This could backfire as games could take a U-turn in seconds. It will pay you off better to watch the games by yourself.
  • Make use of live betting when the pre-games odds are too close: Some games make punters doubt their expectations. Some teams are almost equally matched in odds. It tends to be confusing. The best option is to use live betting for such.

Finding the Best Live Betting Sites

Now that you have a live betting strategy and are ready to delve into the exciting fun of live betting, you should consider many things before settling for a particular site for sport bet live, one that will give you the best experience and the best live betting odds. 

Here are things you should consider that will make you pick out the live betting sites:

  • Mobile wagering: Not everyone has the luxury of sitting in front of their PCs for betting. The site has to have mobile betting enabled so that you can wager from your smartphone at your convenience.
  • Variety of options: Live betting goes deeper than just picking the team that will win. There are other events that you could bet on in a match that is independent of the match-winner.
  • Customer service: Aside from considering the live betting odds and having a live betting strategy, customer service is essential. The site has a customer service that is swift and readily available to listen to your complaints.

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

As advantageous as the option may seem, it comes with its disadvantages, just like everything. Here are the pros and cons:


  • More confidence when wagering: Bettors attest that they feel more confident while making in-plays, based on the fact that they watch the games and decide on their own.
  • It tends to be more entertaining:  The thrill of watching a game and placing a wager is just so exciting.


  • Interchanging odds: While some find the constantly changing odds fascinating, others dislike it and find it distracting.
  • Lesser games: It is quite limiting, as per you are only able to wager on matches in progress. 

Key Takeaways

From the article, you must be convinced that live betting is one of many things that make your betting adventure more enjoyable. Provided that you pick one of the best live betting sites, you would undoubtedly enjoy the experience. If by chance, you are not already engaged, it could be a good idea to try it out soon!

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